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Antique Findings Jeweled Beetle Brooch

This brooch is made with a large, silver colored, metal leaf, coated in resin.  On top of that leaf is a jeweled beetle made of various materials.  The antennae and legs are made of very thin, green wire.  The head is made of a green, […]

Watch on Shell on Butterfly Wings as a Pin

This is a Pewter clockface, colored as antique silver, with a spring case in the center.  This is then placed on top of a Paua sea shell.  This is then attached to a set of butterfly wings.  Everything is coated in resin to make it […]

Lapel Pin Brooch Steampunk

This is a lapel pin that John Bauer has on his personal coat.  This pin has an antique, enamel coated, copper, pocket watch dial as the base. A silver colored spring case is in the center, a watch plate part is on the upper side […]

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