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Art Deco Brass and Aluminum Bar with Emeralds

This is a 2 inch long brass tag with an aluminum triangle attached to either side and one on the front, in the middle.  There are two slanted emeralds, on the front and a Swarovski crystal in the center triangle.  This has a super magnet […]

Butterfly Wings and Lapis Lazuli

A large, pear shaped piece of Lapis Lazuli, has a perfect set of Blue Grow butterfly wings attached to it.  The wings have been coated in resin.  There is a watch spring attached to the top of the gemstone and a coat of resin as […]

Butterfly Chalcedony Blue Pin

An antique watch movement has a butterfly wing on the side.  The butterfly wing has a thick coat of resin over it.  The watch movement has two blue, Chalcedony cabochons attached to it.  There is a super magnet on the back of this pin.

Gears and Filigree Dragonfly Pin

This brooch/pin has been made using two pieces of copper filigree, and those were laid opposite along a brass clock dial.  A small copper gear is as the head and two Swarovski crystals have been placed as eyes.  Two more crystals have been placed near […]

Blue Beads with Watch Wing Plates Pin

This is a pin, using magnets on the back as to not damage clothing, that uses a stainless steel watch case filled with two pieces from separate antique watches.  The smaller plate on the upper side of the photo, was made in 1930 and the […]

Antique 1887 Wing and Gear as Pin

This beautiful pin has super magnets on the back to make it attached to clothing without damaging the fabric.  The base of the pin is an antique, enamel coated, copper, pocket watch dial.  There is a copper gear on that and it has been coated […]

Balance Antique Watch Parts as Pin

This is a pin made from a watch movement plate, complete with gear still intact.  On the other side is the balance cock, which helps to regulate the speed of the clockwork mechanism. The older the watches, the more detailed the balance cocks were and […]

Antique Findings Jeweled Beetle Brooch

This brooch is made with a large, silver colored, metal leaf, coated in resin.  On top of that leaf is a jeweled beetle made of various materials.  The antennae and legs are made of very thin, green wire.  The head is made of a green, […]

Watch on Shell on Butterfly Wings as a Pin

This is a Pewter clockface, colored as antique silver, with a spring case in the center.  This is then placed on top of a Paua sea shell.  This is then attached to a set of butterfly wings.  Everything is coated in resin to make it […]