Gear Cog Ring

An antique pocket watch spring case, is attached to a metal, adjustable ring base. A gear is attached on top with a smaller gear in the middle.

Gold Beads and Silver Cross on Leather

An antique pocket watch case back has been filled with gold-colored metal beads and resin. There is a metal cross attached to the top and 5 Swarovski crystals have been attached to the cross. This has a silver plated bail and a leather chord.

Antique Bumper Watch Ring

A watch movement made by the Wyler Watch company, was made before the 1960’s and is a bumper style, automatic watch movement. This has been attached to a metal, adjustable ring base.

Ammonite Fossil Antique Watch necklace

This necklace is made from an Ammonite fossil, which is between 252 and 66 million years old, attached to a metal wing on the back. An antique watch movement is attached to the front, in the center, and 3 orange Swarovski crystals are attached to […]

Feeling Lucky with Antiquarian Couture

Feeling Lucky with Antiquarian Couture MARCH 18, 2015 I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patty’s Day and wore something green to not get pinched! Today I’m doing a collaboration with Antiquarian Couture to do an inspired look to showcase their amazing handmade jewelry.Deseo que todos hayan […]

Bringing Up Bust Form, April 6, 2015

Combining My Loves of Vintage and Fossils With Antiquarian Couture, by Karlie Baker   Antique watch with ancient fossil and wing necklace: c/o Antiquarian Couture Dress: Ross Dress for Less Vest: thrifted Shirt: The Field Museum in Chicago Vest: thrifted Dress: Ross Dress for Less Blouse: […]

Victorian Style Pendant with Blue Morpho

Straight out of history, this pendant was made using many Victorian era pendants as inspiration.  A wing from a Blue Morpho (Morpho menelaus) butterfly, sits inside of an antique pocket watch case back, and is coated in resin.  A dial cover, is attached to the top […]

Pirate-Themed Belt Buckle

A large bronze belt buckle has been filled with tiny, silver colored, metal beads and under a layer of resin. A watch case rest over a watch face and inside is a skull and crossbones charm. This is under resin as well.