Columbia Watch with Opals and Cicada Wing

This is an antique watch movement made by the Columbia Watch Company.  The serial number on the top means that this movement piece was made in the year 1897.  This watch movement has 4 opals attached to the front and a coat of thin resin […]

Heart Shaped Watch Pendant

A watch movement made by the Rodania Watch Company, was probably made in the 1930’s.  This watch movement was encased in resin, inside of a metal, heart shaped case. It has a watch case on the back and this has been sealed with resin.

Art Deco Circles with Garnet

This is a new Art Deco design and this is made using a Brass two inch circle with a copper 1 inch circle attached on top of that.  An aluminum circle is on top of the copper one with a garnet gemstone attached off-center.  This […]

Art Deco Brass and Aluminum Bar with Emeralds

This is a 2 inch long brass tag with an aluminum triangle attached to either side and one on the front, in the middle.  There are two slanted emeralds, on the front and a Swarovski crystal in the center triangle.  This has a super magnet […]

Antique Watch on Giant Cicada wing

A huge Cicada wing has a coat of resin on both sides and an antique watch movement in the middle, by the top.  There are 12 Swarovski crystals attached to the top of the wing.  This is attached to a silver plated bail and a […]

A Simple Testing into Art Deco

This is one of the third Art Deco inspired pieces done and while it looks simple enough, the minimalist style is hard to accomplish.  A 2 inch long, thin metal tag, made of Brass sits at the base as a narrow strip of NuGold (85% […]

Blue Morpho Winged Pendant

An actual wing from a Blue Morpho (Morpho menelaus) has a thin coating of resin on both sides, protecting it from damage and sealing it.  An antique watch movement from the Elsmere Watch Company is attached to the top.  This is a pendant with a silver […]

Antique Watch Case and Plate with Green Fairy

Green metal beads fill the inside of an antique pocket watch case along with a single gold colored gear.  A watch plate from an antique movement is attached to the top with five purple Swarovski crystals.  There is a layer of resin over this and […]

Elgin Watch Plate on Ammolite Fossil

A slice of Ammonite/Ammolite fossil, that is over 100 million years old, is paired with a small gear in the center and a plate from an antique watch movement.  The movement belongs to the Elgin National Watch Company and is most likely from the early […]

Antique watch on key

An antique 1930’s watch movement has been attached to the top of an unused key.  The shape it makes reminds me of an Art Deco style.  This hangs with a silver plated bail and a stainless steel chain.

Trainmen’s Special with Wings

This is just a pendant that is made from a large plate from the movement of a Trainmen’s special pocket watch.  That plate has been coated in resin and has two metal wings attached to either side.  There is a silver plated bail on the […]