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Gear Cog Ring

An antique pocket watch spring case, is attached to a metal, adjustable ring base. A gear is attached on top with a smaller gear in the middle.

Antique Bumper Watch Ring

A watch movement made by the Wyler Watch company, was made before the 1960’s and is a bumper style, automatic watch movement. This has been attached to a metal, adjustable ring base.

Golden Beads Dragonfly Ring

This ring is made using an antique, metal, watch case backing and then it has been filled with some gold-colored, metal beads and resin.  A small metal dragonfly has been attached to the top.  The whole thing has been attached to an adjustable, metal ring […]

Autorotor Watch with Lapis Lazuli as a Ring

An antique, Autorotor watch from the 1950’s has a large automatic watch plate on the top of it.  This plate has seven Lapiz Lazuli gemstones on top of that.  This piece can move and spin around the central pin.  The whole movement is attached to […]

Microchip Ring

This piece fits into the cyberpunk theme.  This is a small oval which was cut out of a microchip.  This chip part was them coated with a few layers of resin, making sure that the parts of the chip still have height or appear so, […]

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