The Beginning

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What you see above, is one of the first ever pieces of jewelry that was designed by Antiquarian Couture.  What many jewelry brands never do, is show you the beginning.  This typically isn’t shown because it reveals that their brand has made mistakes and may have started off by making lesser quality items.

The above pendant was made about 5 years ago and is made from a  metal disc, a metal watch dial stamping, and a copper gear.  They were attached on top of one another and then coated in resin.


This was a wire wrapped agate slice, with earring hooks.  This type of style of earrings and jewelry is still very popular and selling everywhere.


Simpler, wire wrapped rings were made using fancy buttons.  The buttons had wire go through the bottom and then get wrapped again.

All three of these items were made more than 5 years ago and show some early and simpler ideas and designs.  But, when looking at what Antiquarian Couture has completed now, there is no comparison.