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Feeling Lucky with Antiquarian Couture

Feeling Lucky with Antiquarian Couture MARCH 18, 2015 I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patty’s Day and wore something green to not get pinched! Today I’m doing a collaboration with Antiquarian Couture to do an inspired look to showcase their amazing handmade jewelry.Deseo que todos hayan […]

Blue Morpho Winged Pendant

An actual wing from a Blue Morpho (Morpho menelaus) has a thin coating of resin on both sides, protecting it from damage and sealing it.  An antique watch movement from the Elsmere Watch Company is attached to the top.  This is a pendant with a silver […]

Antique Watch on Chokeberry

This necklace was made using a leaf from a plant called the Chokeberry ( Aronia arbutifolia Brilliantissima).  This bush turns the pear shaped green leaves into a fiery red color at fall. This is one of those leaves, and it was coated in resin to […]

Celtic Cross on Green Beads

This necklace is made using an antique pocket watch case and filling it with tiny, green metal beads.  Those beads are coated in resin and then a large brass gear sits on top of that.  A Celtic wooden cross is attached to the gear and […]

Antique Elgin with Blue Crystals and Wing

This large antique watch movement is from the Elgin National Watch Company, and the serial number places it with an 1888 production year.  The movement has a large metal wing attached to one side and 5 blue Swarovski crystals attached to the metal.  There is […]

Watch Pieces in Watch Case

This rustic looking pendant was made using an antique pocket watch case.  In the back of the case, a piece of Paua shell was placed and the whole cavity was filled with clear resin. Tiny pieces of antique watch movements were then dropped into the […]

Green Beads Watch Plate with Dragonfly

An antique pocket watch case, has been filled with tiny, green metal beads and had a coat of resin over them.  A plate piece from an antique watch movement sits on top of some of them and then a metal dragonfly has been attached to […]

Tiny Round Movement in Gold Flakes

A tiny and round, antique watch movement still has the original rubies intact and sits under a coat of resin.  The movement is in the center of an antique pocket watch case, which has been filled with gold metal flakes.  These flakes had a coating […]

1889 Hampden Watch Pendant with Crystals

This is a watch movement made by the Hampden Watch Company, made in 1889 in Canton, Ohio.  The movement was coated in resin and then three Swarovski crystals were attached to the top.  There is a silver plated bail on the back.

Bee with Gold Beads

This pendant was made using the back of a pocket watch case.  That back was filled with gold colored, metal beads and then a small antique watch movement was placed in the center.   A coat of resin filled the case and covered the watch […]