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Ammolite with Plate top and Calendar Ring

A 100 million year old Ammolite fossil rests with an antique watch plate piece attached to the top. There is a small gear and a calendar piece, attached near the center. This has a silver plated bail on the back and a silver plated chain.

Ammonite Fossil Antique Watch necklace

This necklace is made from an Ammonite fossil, which is between 252 and 66 million years old, attached to a metal wing on the back. An antique watch movement is attached to the front, in the center, and 3 orange Swarovski crystals are attached to […]

Elgin Watch Plate on Ammolite Fossil

A slice of Ammonite/Ammolite fossil, that is over 100 million years old, is paired with a small gear in the center and a plate from an antique watch movement. ┬áThe movement belongs to the Elgin National Watch Company and is most likely from the early […]

Ruby Filled Plate with Ammonite Fossil

An Ammonite fossil, which is alone from 252 to 66 million years old, sits with an antique spring case in the center and a purple Swarovski crystal in the center. ┬áThe top of this fossil has a movement plate from an antique watch, with 3 […]