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Honey Bees in Watch Case

A real piece of honeycomb, has been placed inside of an antique pocket watch case. Three real honeybees have been placed inside and coated in resin. A second antique pocket watch case, with a plastic crystal, has been attached to the top side. This hangs […]

Bee and amber on Watch Plate

An antique pocket watch movement plate still has the gears attached to it under a thin coat of resin. There is a metal bee on one side and some pieces of amber on the opposite side. This has a silver plated bail on the back […]

Prototype Lapel Pin

The first lapel pin created by Antiquarian Couture as a test. This has a metal flower charm as a base and a wrist watch case attached to the top. Inside of the case is a watch spring, still coiled around the inside, a bee’s wing, […]

Large Antique Plate with Bees

This large pendant, was made from the bottom plate piece from an antique pocket watch movement. It has a large metal wing on one side and a piece of amber in the center. Around the amber are three gold plated bee charms. There is a […]

Small Watch Plate with Amber and Bee and Wing

This pendant was made using a small watch plate piece from a watch movement. That has a small metal wing, a gold plated bee and a piece of amber. There is a silver plated bail on the back and this hangs with a silver plated […]

Gold Bees on Antique Watch

An antique watch movement, made by the Elgin National Watch company has a production date of 1907. The movement has a coat of resin and two pieces of amber are attached under two gold plated bees. This hangs with a gold plated chain.

Bee with Gold Beads

This pendant was made using the back of a pocket watch case.  That back was filled with gold colored, metal beads and then a small antique watch movement was placed in the center.   A coat of resin filled the case and covered the watch […]

Antique Pocket Watch Dial with Amber and Bee

An antique pocket watch dial, is cracked and missing piece of the enamel, which coated a copper disc.  There is a coat of resin over it to stop it from further damage.  A large metal bee is attached to the lower side while a large […]