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Prototype Lapel Pin

The first lapel pin created by Antiquarian Couture as a test. This has a metal flower charm as a base and a wrist watch case attached to the top. Inside of the case is a watch spring, still coiled around the inside, a bee’s wing, […]

Plastic Watch Dial Pin/Brooch

This pin/brooch has a normal long metal pin on the back of this plastic pocket watch dial. On top of the dial is an antique jewelry finding and then a metal gear and metal cross on top of that.

Wooden Gear on Butterfly Wing Pin

A blue Morpho butterfly wing has been coated in resin. A wooden gear has been attached to the top and a smaller antique gear has been attached to the middle. A super magnet has been attached to the back to act as a pin. This […]

Antique Findings Jeweled Beetle Brooch

This brooch is made with a large, silver colored, metal leaf, coated in resin.  On top of that leaf is a jeweled beetle made of various materials.  The antennae and legs are made of very thin, green wire.  The head is made of a green, […]

Tiny watch Wing Pin

This tiny, antique watch movement from the 1920’s has a simple coat of resin on it to seal it.  The original rubies are still intact in the clock mechanism.  A gold colored, metal wing has been attached to the bottom of the piece.  A pin […]

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