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Butterfly Earrings with Pieces

This pair of earrings was made using a pair of real butterfly wings, which were coated in resin and had tiny parts of antique watches, placed within. This hangs with silver plated bails and titanium ear hooks.

Alleman Watch on Butterfly Wing

An antique Swiss watch movement, was coated in a thin layer of resin and attached to the top of a large butterfly wing; also coated in resin. There is a silver plated bail on the back.

Wooden Gear on Butterfly Wing Pin

A blue Morpho butterfly wing has been coated in resin. A wooden gear has been attached to the top and a smaller antique gear has been attached to the middle. A super magnet has been attached to the back to act as a pin. This […]

Blue Morpho Winged Pendant

An actual wing from a Blue Morpho (Morpho menelaus) has a thin coating of resin on both sides, protecting it from damage and sealing it.  An antique watch movement from the Elsmere Watch Company is attached to the top.  This is a pendant with a silver […]

A pair of butterfly earrings

A pair of butterfly wings, from a Eurema hecabe, or a Common Grass Butterfly, has a coating of resin on both sides and holes drilled through them.  They have one side with tiny pieces of old watches, covered in resin.  They hang onto steel earring hooks […]

A Piece for Lindsey

The designer became a fan of Lindsey Stirling’s music, while listening to classical music covers, when designing and assembling pieces.  He purchased songs from her first album, was hooked, and then purchased her other albums.  Lindsey Stirling often times uses watches and steampunk themes as […]

Butterfly Wings and Lapis Lazuli

A large, pear shaped piece of Lapis Lazuli, has a perfect set of Blue Grow butterfly wings attached to it.  The wings have been coated in resin.  There is a watch spring attached to the top of the gemstone and a coat of resin as […]