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Neon Blue Apatite with Metal Wing and Crystals

This pendant was made using an antique watch movement plate that was coated in resin and a large metal wing was attached to one side. There are 6 blue-green Swarovski crystals attached to the top along with a cabochon of Apatite. This has a silver […]

Alleman Watch on Butterfly Wing

An antique Swiss watch movement, was coated in a thin layer of resin and attached to the top of a large butterfly wing; also coated in resin. There is a silver plated bail on the back.

Gold Beads and Silver Cross on Leather

An antique pocket watch case back has been filled with gold-colored metal beads and resin. There is a metal cross attached to the top and 5 Swarovski crystals have been attached to the cross. This has a silver plated bail and a leather chord.

Antique Watch on Giant Cicada wing

A huge Cicada wing has a coat of resin on both sides and an antique watch movement in the middle, by the top.  There are 12 Swarovski crystals attached to the top of the wing.  This is attached to a silver plated bail and a […]

Gears and Filigree Dragonfly Pin

This brooch/pin has been made using two pieces of copper filigree, and those were laid opposite along a brass clock dial.  A small copper gear is as the head and two Swarovski crystals have been placed as eyes.  Two more crystals have been placed near […]