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Butterfly Earrings with Lapis Lazuli

A pair of earrings was made by taking a pair of tiny butterfly wings and coat them in a thin coat of resin. On the front side of them, a pear shaped piece of lapis lazuli has been attached. They have a silver plated bail […]

Metal Cross with Lapis on Watch Dial

A metal cross has been attached to the front of an antique pocket watch dial, that was made in the 1700’s. There is a coat of resin over it, to prevent further damage. There is a blue Swarovski crystal in the center of the cross […]

Butterfly Wings and Lapis Lazuli

A large, pear shaped piece of Lapis Lazuli, has a perfect set of Blue Grow butterfly wings attached to it. ┬áThe wings have been coated in resin. ┬áThere is a watch spring attached to the top of the gemstone and a coat of resin as […]