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Copper Art Deco Circle

An Art Deco inspired piece was made using a copper circle and an aluminum triangle and circle. In the center of each smaller shape is a Swarovski fire crystal. This hangs with a silver plated bail and chain.

Alleman Watch on Butterfly Wing

An antique Swiss watch movement, was coated in a thin layer of resin and attached to the top of a large butterfly wing; also coated in resin. There is a silver plated bail on the back.

Ammonite Fossil Antique Watch necklace

This necklace is made from an Ammonite fossil, which is between 252 and 66 million years old, attached to a metal wing on the back. An antique watch movement is attached to the front, in the center, and 3 orange Swarovski crystals are attached to […]

Antique Watch Fire Crystals and Wind

This antique watch movement was made by the Elgin National Watch company in 1896.  It has a thin layer of resin over it.  Then, nine, fire red/orange Swarovski crystals were attached above the screws on the plates.  A metal wing is on the side.  This […]

Lapel Pin Brooch Steampunk

This is a lapel pin that John Bauer has on his personal coat.  This pin has an antique, enamel coated, copper, pocket watch dial as the base. A silver colored spring case is in the center, a watch plate part is on the upper side […]

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Movement with Wing and Orange

This small sized watch movement was made by the Caravelle Watch Company in the 1920’s. The watch movement has a coat of resin on it as well as the metal wing, on the side.  There is an orange Swarovski crystal on the left side of […]

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