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Ammolite and Watch Parts Earrings

These earrings will go well with the “Ammolite with Antique Watch Parts” necklace. They were designed as a set; originally. These are smaller Ammolite fossils with a thin coat of resin and a watch plate piece on each one. The both have a silver plated […]

Ammolite with Antique Watch Parts 2

A curved piece of Ammolite fossil has a thin coat of resin over it and some antique watch pieces. This one has a gear in the center and a tiny watch plate. This has a silver plated bail on the back and a silver plated […]

Tiny Gold Watch Necklace

This tiny necklace was made using a gold plated watch case, which has been filled with tiny watch parts. The visible watch part, was made by the Elgin National Watch company, in Elgin, Illinois, in 1918. The case has been stamped as 10K gold plated. […]

Back to Doctor who

After doing my last Doctor who inspired piece, I swore I would never make another one again; or so I thought.  Making a clear, see-through, piece that is recognizable from the fandom, is hard to do.  The below image shows an image on the left, […]

Computer Chip Piece

While not having anything to do with Antique watches, this is still an interesting necklace. It was made by cutting a rectangle out of a computer board and then coating it with resin. It has a silver plated bail on the back and hangs with […]

Doctor Who Fob Watch

Inspired from the episodes of the 10th Doctor, this version of the Doctor Who fob watch isn’t stamped and isn’t a copied work, but instead is made by mimicking the designs using antique watch parts and pieces, under resin.  These pieces are held within an […]