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Pink Rectangle Waltham

A small, rectangle-shaped watch movement was made by the American Waltham Watch Company in 1928. This movement just has some pink Swarovski crystals attached to the top and a silver plated bail on the back.

Antique Elgin with Wing and Rubies

An antique watch movement made by the Elgin National Watch Company in 1896. It has a thin coat of resin over the top and a metal wing has been attached to the bottom. There are nine, rubies that have been attached to the top of […]

Pink Beads under Pink Crystals

This necklace was made using an antique pocket watch case that was filled with pink beads and resin. Then a dollar watch plate was attached to the top with pink crystals. This hangs with a silver plated bail and stainless steel chain.

Citizen and White Topaz Squares

An antique watch case has been filled with tiny, red metal beads and resin. A watch movement piece from the Citizen Watch Company is attached to the top and four, square, white Topazes are at each hole. This has a silver plated bail on the […]