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Original Watch Movement with Wing

An antique watch movement has a thin coat of resin over it and a single, large, metal wing attached to the side. This style is very similar to the first ever pendant created by Antiquarian Couture. This has a silver plated bail on the back […]

Antique Elgin with Wing and Rubies

An antique watch movement made by the Elgin National Watch Company in 1896. It has a thin coat of resin over the top and a metal wing has been attached to the bottom. There are nine, rubies that have been attached to the top of […]

Pirate Benrus Ring

An antique watch movement by the Benrus Watch Company has a Skull and Crosbones charm on top with two red Swarovski crystals. This sits on a metal adjustable ring base.

Antique Elgin with Fire Crystals

This small watch movement was made by the Elgin National Watch Company in 1952. The movement has a thin coat of resin, a small metal wing on one side and two fire, Swarovski crystals. There is a silver plated bail on the back and hangs […]

Citizen and White Topaz Squares

An antique watch case has been filled with tiny, red metal beads and resin. A watch movement piece from the Citizen Watch Company is attached to the top and four, square, white Topazes are at each hole. This has a silver plated bail on the […]

Heart Shaped Watch Pendant

A watch movement made by the Rodania Watch Company, was probably made in the 1930’s.  This watch movement was encased in resin, inside of a metal, heart shaped case. It has a watch case on the back and this has been sealed with resin.

Art Deco Circles with Garnet

This is a new Art Deco design and this is made using a Brass two inch circle with a copper 1 inch circle attached on top of that.  An aluminum circle is on top of the copper one with a garnet gemstone attached off-center.  This […]

Antique Watch on Chokeberry

This necklace was made using a leaf from a plant called the Chokeberry ( Aronia arbutifolia Brilliantissima).  This bush turns the pear shaped green leaves into a fiery red color at fall. This is one of those leaves, and it was coated in resin to […]

Ruby Filled Plate with Ammonite Fossil

An Ammonite fossil, which is alone from 252 to 66 million years old, sits with an antique spring case in the center and a purple Swarovski crystal in the center.  The top of this fossil has a movement plate from an antique watch, with 3 […]