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Antique Watch with Shell and Piece

This is an antique watch case, which has been filled with resin. With the resin is a piece of Paua shell and a balance cock, from an antique watch movement. This hangs with a stainless steel jump ring and a stainless steel chain.

Paua Shell with Antique Movement

An antique watch movement, made by the Caravelle Watch Company, which was owned by Bulova. This movement has a thin coat of resin and is attached to the top of a piece of Paua shell. There is a silver plated bail on the back and […]

Elgin Watch Plate on Ammolite Fossil

A slice of Ammonite/Ammolite fossil, that is over 100 million years old, is paired with a small gear in the center and a plate from an antique watch movement.  The movement belongs to the Elgin National Watch Company and is most likely from the early […]

Watch Pieces in Watch Case

This rustic looking pendant was made using an antique pocket watch case.  In the back of the case, a piece of Paua shell was placed and the whole cavity was filled with clear resin. Tiny pieces of antique watch movements were then dropped into the […]