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Pink Beads Dollar Watch Bee Pendant

An antique pocket watch case back has been filled with tiny, metal , pink and silver beads. A coat of resin is over them and a plate from a 1920’s “Dollar watch” is attached on top. There are ten Swarovski crystals attached to the plate […]

Fusee Chain on Dial with Wing Pendant

To help equalize the pull of the mainspring as it ran down, in the 15th century, watch makers created and starting using something called a “Fusee”.  These were made by cones with a chain on them and the chains helped to pull at the gears […]

Butterfly Chalcedony Blue Pin

An antique watch movement has a butterfly wing on the side.  The butterfly wing has a thick coat of resin over it.  The watch movement has two blue, Chalcedony cabochons attached to it.  There is a super magnet on the back of this pin.

Antique Watch Blue Wing Pendant

A gold colored antique watch has a blue, painted small butterfly wing attached to the side.  The butterfly wing and the watch movement both have a coat of resin over them. Blue Swarovski crystals have been attatched to the top. This has a silver-plated bail […]

Gears and Filigree Dragonfly Pin

This brooch/pin has been made using two pieces of copper filigree, and those were laid opposite along a brass clock dial.  A small copper gear is as the head and two Swarovski crystals have been placed as eyes.  Two more crystals have been placed near […]

Copper Circle with Crystals and Cross

A large copper circle has an antique pocket watch dial on top of it.  Then a small and ornate, wooden cross is attached to the top of that, both under a coat of resin.  Five Swarovski crystals are then placed on top of the cross. […]

Antique Metal Disc Necklace

A round antique watch movement is placed on top of a domed metal disc.  There is a coat of resin over the top and underside of the pendant.  This hangs from a silver plated bail and a stainless steel chain.

Blue Beads with Watch Wing Plates Pin

This is a pin, using magnets on the back as to not damage clothing, that uses a stainless steel watch case filled with two pieces from separate antique watches.  The smaller plate on the upper side of the photo, was made in 1930 and the […]

Topaz and Small Watch Necklace

A small, antique and angular watch movement sits in the middle of a stainless steel watch case.  There are fourteen, sky-blue topazes, which line the watch and the inside border of the watch case.  This hangs from a silver-plated bail and a stainless steel chain.