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Green Beads with Case and Cross

This pendant was made using a small antique watch case back that was filled with green, metal beads and resin. On top of that a watch gear was attached and then a metal cross on top of that. This has a silver plated bail on […]

Butterfly Earrings with Pieces

This pair of earrings was made using a pair of real butterfly wings, which were coated in resin and had tiny parts of antique watches, placed within. This hangs with silver plated bails and titanium ear hooks.

Pinup Steampunk Angel

This is a piece of artwork in a 3.5 x 3.5 inch frame. It was created using a pinup photo, done by Vixen Prints, which was then paired with a metal gear as a halo and metal wings. There were layers of resin poured over […]

Metal Dragonfly and Gears Pendant

This pendant is made using an antique watch case back which has layers of metal gears and a metal dragonfly. Resin was poured inside and cured to seal everything underneath. This has a silver plated bail on the back.

Gear Cog Ring

An antique pocket watch spring case, is attached to a metal, adjustable ring base. A gear is attached on top with a smaller gear in the middle.