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It all started with an internal challenge.

Almost a decade ago, I was looking for Christmas presents online and my wife came across an Etsy creator who had come up with a pair of earrings made from some small circular watch movements. I thought it was cool and she bought them. I […]

Victorian Style Pendant with Blue Morpho

Straight out of history, this pendant was made using many Victorian era pendants as inspiration.  A wing from a Blue Morpho (Morpho menelaus) butterfly, sits inside of an antique pocket watch case back, and is coated in resin.  A dial cover, is attached to the top […]

Antique Elgin with Blue Crystals and Wing

This large antique watch movement is from the Elgin National Watch Company, and the serial number places it with an 1888 production year.  The movement has a large metal wing attached to one side and 5 blue Swarovski crystals attached to the metal.  There is […]

1889 Hampden Watch Pendant with Crystals

This is a watch movement made by the Hampden Watch Company, made in 1889 in Canton, Ohio.  The movement was coated in resin and then three Swarovski crystals were attached to the top.  There is a silver plated bail on the back.

Butterfly Chalcedony Blue Pin

An antique watch movement has a butterfly wing on the side.  The butterfly wing has a thick coat of resin over it.  The watch movement has two blue, Chalcedony cabochons attached to it.  There is a super magnet on the back of this pin.

Antique Watch Blue Wing Pendant

A gold colored antique watch has a blue, painted small butterfly wing attached to the side.  The butterfly wing and the watch movement both have a coat of resin over them. Blue Swarovski crystals have been attatched to the top. This has a silver-plated bail […]

Gears and Filigree Dragonfly Pin

This brooch/pin has been made using two pieces of copper filigree, and those were laid opposite along a brass clock dial.  A small copper gear is as the head and two Swarovski crystals have been placed as eyes.  Two more crystals have been placed near […]

Stainless Dogtag with Butterfly Necklace

A large dogtag, made of stainless steel, has an early 1900’s watch dial attached to the top and under a coat of resin.  A resin coated butterfly wing is attached to the bottom side. This hangs from a stainless steel bail and a stainless steel […]

Pre-1920’s Antique Watch on 24K Gold Leaf

An antique watch movement was made by the Westfield Watch Company.  This company was bought by Bulova in the 1920’s, so this would have been made before that purchase (1920).  The movement has a thin coat of resin over it and sits on a 24K […]