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1920’s Watch Blue Crystals and Wing Pendant

This is an antique watch movement made from the Locust Watch Company, around the 1920’s.  It has a thin coat of resin over it and then has a metal wing to the side and six, blue/green Swarovski crystals on it.  This hangs with a silver […]

Antique 1800’s Watch with Fairy

An antique pocket watch movement, from the 1800’s, has small gears and wheels placed over the crews, on the ribs.  A small metal charm of a fairy sitting on the moon, was placed on the side and then the whole thing was coated in resin. […]

Antique Watch Tin Red Beads

An antique watch movement is encased in resin, while over a layer of red, metal beads.  The beads and watch are in an old jeweler’s tin.  This hangs from a stainless steel chain.

Antique Watch with Metal Wing and Malachite

This piece is made from different antique watches.  The watch plate at the 12 o’clock position is the original piece still attached to the backing.  The plate on the side near the 4 o’clock position, was an additional one. In the center of the large […]