First Friday

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The St. Louis Science Center has been a center of the city’s community to teach everyone about various aspects of science. When I was young, the Science Center consisted of a single building in Clayton. It was then one building acting as the Museum of Science and Natural History.

It wasn’t until the mid 80’s that they moved the exhibits over to the newly purchased Planetarium, to be used as a Science Center. This is the Science Center of my childhood as the new one, didn’t start construction until 1991.

When the new building was completed, it had the offices and all of the newest and state-of-the art exhibits. It was the coolest place to go, for me, until the year 2000 or so.

I would guess and say that it wasn’t until 2012 or so, that the whole center was reborn. It started more community programs, build a whole new building behind it, where an inflatable one used to be, and started a push to outreach to the community. It was around this time that they started many new ideas to gain interest and one of them, was First Fridays.

Now, as of this month’s theme, of “I ❤ the ’90’s”, the First Friday event has been big. It is free to park, free to enter, and the center is open as late as 10pm. The events are always kid and family friendly and allows people to see and play in the common areas of the science center, even if they don’t wish to participate in the events of the night.

This is where I have been. for the past two years. Every first Friday of the month, the St. Louis Science Center holds an event called First Fridays and with this event, they make space for local vendors to come in and show off and sell their wares. Just like in the past, I will be at the event coming up this Friday and will also be at the events next year.