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Antique Watch with Monarch and Emeralds

An antique watch movement, was made by the American Waltham Watch Company in 1906 and has a thin coat of resin over it. Towards the bottom, a Monarch butterfly wing has been coated in resin and attached. On the top side of this pendant, there […]

Antique Watch Dial and Metal Cross

This pendant was made using an antique watch dial, that has a green tint to the color. This was coated in a thin coat of resin and then has a large metal cross along the top. It hangs with a silver plated bail and a […]

Green Beads with Case and Cross

This pendant was made using a small antique watch case back that was filled with green, metal beads and resin. On top of that a watch gear was attached and then a metal cross on top of that. This has a silver plated bail on […]

Feeling Lucky with Antiquarian Couture

Feeling Lucky with Antiquarian Couture MARCH 18, 2015 I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patty’s Day and wore something green to not get pinched! Today I’m doing a collaboration with Antiquarian Couture to do an inspired look to showcase their amazing handmade jewelry.Deseo que todos hayan […]

Art Deco Brass and Aluminum Bar with Emeralds

This is a 2 inch long brass tag with an aluminum triangle attached to either side and one on the front, in the middle.  There are two slanted emeralds, on the front and a Swarovski crystal in the center triangle.  This has a super magnet […]

Antique Watch Case and Plate with Green Fairy

Green metal beads fill the inside of an antique pocket watch case along with a single gold colored gear.  A watch plate from an antique movement is attached to the top with five purple Swarovski crystals.  There is a layer of resin over this and […]

Celtic Cross on Green Beads

This necklace is made using an antique pocket watch case and filling it with tiny, green metal beads.  Those beads are coated in resin and then a large brass gear sits on top of that.  A Celtic wooden cross is attached to the gear and […]

Green Beads Watch Plate with Dragonfly

An antique pocket watch case, has been filled with tiny, green metal beads and had a coat of resin over them.  A plate piece from an antique watch movement sits on top of some of them and then a metal dragonfly has been attached to […]

Mermaid Pendant

This pendant has been made using a pocket watch dial from the 1920’s as a base.  A wristwatch case was then used to hold the gold colored and teal colored metal beads.  A small watch movement plate acts like an island and a silver plated […]