Lindsey Stirling and the Stirling Family

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On March 15, 2017, I had posted a picture of a piece of jewelry that I had made, as a fan, for Lindsey Stirling.  My hope at the time, was that she would see it and then share it on social media and I would gain some interest, followers and sales based on that.

However, that didn’t work and I thought that it was either tossed aside with the multitude of gifts she receives or it was lost in the mail.

A month or two later,  I received an email from her sister, who then requested that I make an item for their dad.  (So, the necklace did get to her after all.)  Her dad had wanted something different, like a trinket, and I did make an item and he received it.  Not only did he love it and tell everyone about it, but then Lindsey did share my jewelry and my business card.


What I did not know was how I would be asked to make a few more custom items for the family.  While I didn’t get worldwide fame for making pieces for this famous family, I feel as though I had gained some fans that gave me emotional feedback to the pieces they had received as well as some friends.  Even though I have sold hundreds of pieces, I had never had someone take the time to email me, twice, about how much they loved it and what it meant to them, as did Lindsey’s father.  In the end; I am making jewelry because it makes me happy.  It makes me happier, when I hear the good reactions and feedback from those who like, love and buy my jewelry.  It makes me happy to talk to people about what I create.  It makes me happy when those who love what I make, tell me about how it reminds them of something in their life as it awakens lost and favorite memories.

So what begin as a selfish promotion of my art, turned into a way to feel and spread happiness.  Since then I have been in monthly contact with Lindsey’s sister and am happy in the communications we share.